Logo for Grind2Energy a food scrap recycling program

Food scrap recycling system

Grind2Energy is a food scrap recycling system from InSinkErator.

State and local governments are setting aggressive waste diversion goals and implementing landfill waste diversion bans.

According to Emerson:

  • 28 tons of food waste is sent to landfills each year
  • Less than 5% of global food waste is recovered for recycling
  • Food waste accounts for 23% of all methane emissions in the U.S.
Graphic showing food scraps and food waste statistics
Courtesy of Emerson

Grind2Energy’s innovative organic waste system will enable your business to comply with these governmental regulations. You can decrease your contribution to landfills and help to generate clean, renewable energy. It also helps keep your facility cleaner and more efficient.

PVE is an authorized service agent of the Grind2Energy system. Watch the video below to learn more or contact us with any questions.

What can you do to help with food waste recycling?

Purchasing and installing Grind2Energy’s innovative food waste recycling system will decrease your food scraps contribution to local landfills and will help generate clean, renewable energy. It also helps keep your business clean and efficient.

Do you want to learn more about reducing your food scraps? Call us today!