Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Tech working on a heater.

The leaves are changing, the nights are cool, and you’re reminded that it is that time of year again here in New England, to get ready for Winter.

And a good way to get ready for Winter is PVE’s Fall Home Maintenance Checklist!

Check Your Fire Alarms

It is time to test and clean your all your fire alarms, change batteries, and make sure they are fully operational before turning on your heating system.

The US Fire Administration reminds everyone to “Don’t Wait, Check the Date!” on all your smoke and fire alarms to make sure they are not expired.

Change Your Heating System Filters

If you have a Forced Hot Air Furnace, or Central Air System, then you have an air filter somewhere in your home. Now is the time to change out those filters before you turn on your heating system.

Consumer Reports has reviewed different types of air filters and which may work best for you home. Remember to consider the size, cost, and allergens that you’ll want your filter to catch.

Protect Your Plants

If you have house plants, consider moving them away from exterior walls and windows where temperatures can be cooler than from interior walls.

Bring plants indoors before evening temperatures drop too low, or a frost kills your plant. According to a study by Liz Felter at the University of Florida, plants can improve the air quality in your home.

Schedule Heating System Maintenance

Keeping your furnace, boiler, fireplace, or mini-split heating system in good standing will improve the safety and efficiency of the system. Remember to schedule a cleaning and checkup before turning your heating system on.

To see what is involved in a heating system maintenance appointment, the folks at Energy Star have created a maintenance checklist to show everything that should be done.

Clean Gutters

Your home’s gutters can quickly fill with pine needles, leaves, acorns, and all kinds of debris. Keeping them clean will help melting snow and ice from backing up and damaging your roof and home.

Here’s a video from Designing Spaces on how to clean your home’s gutters without a ladder.https://youtu.be/BQ6vqytBpgU